400 euros Exam, 10,000 euros Registration - Crimes of UP Assistants


Esat Belaj, Arian Janova, Mevledun Beqiri, Kemajl Gashi, Arton Hoti, Gazmend Maliqi, Albion Haxhijaha, Leonard Bytyqi, Shaqir Reçica, and Amonda Orllati, are the main leaders of this group. They have received sums of money from 4 thousand to 10 thousand euros for the registration of students at UP in the Faculty of Medicine, that of Education, etc., as well as for passing exams mainly in the Faculty of Economics.

Twelve people including assistants and students of the University of Prishtina have been sentenced to small sentences, but their crimes are largea.

They have managed to enroll non-deserving students and conduct student exams without preparing at all. They did all this in exchange for large sums of money.

Despite the symbolic punishments, the criminal actions of these assistants are evidenced through their telephone communications. These crimes were committed during the years 2009-2012.

The insider brings messages that prove the "academic" bargains.

Esat Belaj, Arian Janova, Mevledun Beqiri, Kemajl Gashi, Arton Hoti, Gazmend Maliqi, Albion Haxhijaha, Leonard Bytyqi, Shaqir Reçica, and Amonda Orllati, are the main leaders of this group.

They have received sums of money from 4 thousand to 10 thousand euros for the registration of students at UP in the Faculty of Medicine, that of Education, etc., as well as for passing exams mainly in the Faculty of Economics.

From the messages exchanged by the suspects, it is proven that there were no cases when they failed to register at UP, or pass an exam. This was confirmed by the convicts from the very beginning when they were interrogated by the police. This has been confirmed by witnesses who have paid money for their services.

In the telephone messages, among others, the former rector of the University of Prishtina, Mujë Rugova, and various professors were mentioned. In one case during the communication a professor was mentioned who was waiting for the money to take an exam.

They managed to increase as much as they wanted the number of students they paid to become full-time students.

"Do not call the list that I have to meet and talk that I can add and want", wrote Arian Janova, Esat Belaj on October 5, 2010.

Mujë Rugova hired Esat Belaj

Esat Balaj, who today was sentenced to 8 months in prison for the offenses of taking bribes "," exercising influence "and" abuse of official position or authority "and a fine of 10 thousand euros, was hired by the former rector Mujë Rugova.

Muja had done this on September 28, 2012, the last day as rector, signing Balaj's contract as assistants at the Faculty of Medicine.

Belaj, was hired as an assistant even though he was busy forging the signature of a professor to meet the condition for the following year of studies. For this action a faculty commission had imposed a disciplinary measure.

Despite all this, Rugova had made this decision, even though the Steering Council had limited his many powers at the end of his term, including the recruitment of staff.

Phone messages link UP executives to crime

At that time the vice dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Hajrie Hundozi-Hysenaj, the former rector Mujë Rugova and the former dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Selim Daci, were mentioned in the group conversations about illegal student registrations.

But none of them have been charged and tried.

Honduzi-Hysenaj, who was also the wife of the former dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Qazim Hysenaj, in the telephone conversations between Esat Belaj and Leonard Bytyçi, was mentioned that she is waiting for the money for the registration of a student.

"O mayor, look at us for a week now that Hajrie Honduzi had told the plant the money, it's a week for me to register the chick, tell me this man, do not leave me here at all, and I will miss the opportunity for you. Bye ", writes in a message dated November 24, 2012.

Regarding the registration of a student, Kemaj Gashi tells Esat Belaj to contact the rector Mujë Rugova directly.

The daughter of the former dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Selim Daci, is also mentioned in the telephone messages.

On November 8, 2010, Arian Janova wrote to Esat Belaj: "Look closely at Prof. Selim Daci, tell me what is being done in Gynecology."

They also involve the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Economics.

"Behare Malush Sopa, Philosopher, Political Science, replaces Marigona Hajdari Ekonomik", says a message from Arian Janova sent on October 5 on Esat Belaj's phone.

Honduzi-Hysenaj and Daci had denied involvement in these messages.

Conversations that witnessed the crime of assistants and students at UP

Communication between the assistants of the Faculty of Medicine Esat Belaj, Rajan Zenelin, Arjan Janova and Kemaj Gashi was almost daily. They coordinated so that their students - clients could get the best out of the result.

The group, already convicted by the court, recruited distinguished students to take exams for others in exchange for 100 to 200 euros.

Exactly on September 8, 2009 Esat Belaj wrote to Arjan Janova: “Macroeconomics 2: 23. 09. 2009, Social policy: 24. 09. 2009, Microeconomics 2, was done unfortunately, Meli talked to the boy about Agricultural Economy, he said he should with hi in the exam that is performed in all likelihood. Tung ”.

On July 14, 2009, Rajan Zeneli had written a message to Esat Belaj: "Mayor, I do not know how much to take a shower, I have a lot of it, but he is begging for 400, he counts on coming out to us so we can see and talk".

On the same day, Belaj had written to Zeneli: "As soon as they told the old man with an old system without a national test, he was not giving much, he handed over the documents, I just have to find someone with ashes".

On July 18, 2009 Esat Belaj wrote to Rajan Zeneli: “55 points, national test 8 success points. The client cried that I told you yesterday, I cried for him, I have to fix both of them and add someone, can we take it? ”

Zeneli answers: "if I fix them, it will cost us 60 eki, plus the sen for the ashes plus the father gave me 200's, because there were no documents or I will fix the documents because he said I can not take them".

On July 20, 2009, Esat Belaj wrote again to Rajan Zeneli: "Rick, but the number of that boy who came in, I have to meet him." After this, another message: "Hey Rick, look, call the boy and tell him to come to PR tomorrow because I can't agree with him, if he comes tomorrow, tell him to call me and give him that sen".

Rajan Zeneli returns the message: "Belaj, if you deal with that boy, do not forget to leave him the red sen who handed over the documents".

At 23:42 Esat Belaj wrote to Rajan Zeneli, asking him: "What is the name of the boy who entered the exam and you should come and deal with them because I do not have time anymore".

"Good morning Rick, I went to Europe, if he gave Arian's number, talk to them about that job," Esat Belaj wrote to him the next day. Rajani replies: “Mayor, the road taken ishalla passes as you are excited. Op I call him, and cast him. Does Arjani give us the money? See you ”.

On September 1, Esat Belaj wrote to Rajan Zeneli:

"Rick, if you have a lot of projects, if you want to find a guy with ashes, he learns, he's pretty strong."

Belaj replies: "Yes, I have, but as soon as he asks for it if he enters for 150, let him start learning, I cried once if yes".

A little later, Rajan Zeneli replied: "Yes, he is entering for 150, in addition to the book, I have to give him the photo and I have to correct those things".

Rajani replies: “We fix them, make sure there is no cover, give it 100 eki (euro) as much as you give to someone else, I will spend that day, I came home today and if I can let him copy it so much from you that he does not I know if you will come tomorrow or tomorrow ”.

They agree that the job is done. And start communications for new projects.

On September 29, 2009, Rajan Zeneli went to Esat Belaj: “Esat, how are you? To get the money goes to Ani (Arian Janova vj), 350 are for that boy, the others are half for us. Thirre Anin ”.

Rajani writes again later: "Hey Ri, he has the texts of the projects here in Prishtina, he has them with him, if you have them there, can you take a look at them?".

The return message is not late: “Esat, how are you or are you well, how are you? You said to the boy who is interested in the project or are you in Strategic, I have 20 questions that I asked him and I gave him the book. Hello.

Esat turns to Rajan: "Valla Rick, I do not think that boy enters, he just talked to him about any case, he comes to Prishtina tomorrow and now he talks to tell me, hello".

A day later, on September 30, Rajan Zeneli went to Esat Belaj:

"Esat, don't forget the Syla index plant tomorrow. Also for this index he continues later, Esat if you are who you are you will come to get that index, because it's coming to him and with a train you call me ".

While Balaj replies "Rik, look, find out about the work so that I can tell you again and again that I am very interested".

He replies: "Kismet, I told Ilir, he is watching you to find out for sure how to find out, to tell, is he coming to get them".

Esat replies to Rajan: "Tonight I can not come because I am very tired, except I told Xhevat let Skenda come and get it, I paid him, if he wants, they gave it to me".

From these messages Esat Belaj is seen as one of the most influential on the group and that he had connections in almost all faculties.

He finds jobs for talents willing to take the exam in exchange for money for those not affiliated with the faculty.

"Rick, I talked to njanin about our work, he told me hi, he only asks for 4.0, if he takes it, I'm talking to him again, let me know", Esat Belaj writes to Rajan Zeneli.

He does not receive feedback on this because they meet sometime.

Meanwhile, Zeneli writes to Belaj: "Esat, I am telling you how much you are asking someone for Finance".

"Esat replies:" 200 is usually enough for a shower ". These messages show that they discuss exams at the Faculty of Economics in various subjects.

"Rick tomorrow at 12 former Strategic, did he leave the index almost to that boy", writes Esat Belaj.

"Belaj was the head of the exam", Rajan Zeneli tells.

For exam issues, finding clients and registrations, Esat Belaj also communicated with Kemaj Gashi. They even placed students in dormitories.

On February 4, 2010, Kemaj Gashi wrote: "Esat that you can do work for dormitories that knows the director boma ni zo, maybe if I give you money". The next day he writes again: "Esat qoma except the group with sms to access çika". In another message, Gashi calls Belaj and tells him that he is with two dentists.

In a message dated August 17, 2010, he wrote: "Esat, I begged 500 from this one from Istog, he did not file a complaint, I have safe money, look directly at Muja".

On July 25, 2010, Kemaji wrote to Esat: "Esat, can we add one more complaint is in general medicine".

Kemaji writes another sms to Esat and says: "Ok, we know to call and there is nothing about Istog's ever".

On August 27, 2010 at 12:47, Kemaj Gashi wrote to Esat Belaj:

"There are 58 of them, one has to cross the threshold for 4 more points, but the Matura test has dropped it". On the same day, Kemaji wrote two more sms to Esat: Is it done in such a timely manner?

A year later, on August 19, 2011, Esat Belaj wrote to Kemaj Gashi: “Kemo, I have to go home today and I am with my son's son in a car, I can not come there, you are just looking at me I did it even though I had a lot of problems with my head because it made me so tired ”.

Esat also later wrote to Kemaj: "Yes, yes, I was trying all the ways, we will do it as soon as possible".

On August 27, 2011, Esat Belaj wrote to Kemaj Gashi: "Kemo is also performed because I found another method to remove it without complaint, so 99 percent is performed, 100 % is just a deck".

A little later he writes again: “Except 3.0 (three thousand euros) is that I forgot about the market. He writes the same evening: "Yes, yes, in this deadline, kismet is done even faster than we thought."

On November 1, 2011, Esat Belaj wrote to Kemaj Gashi: "As long as you shower, work is safe, man".

Esat Belaj wrote on November 5, 2011, to Kemaj Gashi: “No, I just believe that it will be agreed in two days. "Even if this is done safely."

The next day, Esat Bela wrote to Kemaj Gashi: "When you should have gone to the exam".

On November 7, 2001, Esat Belaj wrote again to Kemaj Gashi: "Today it seems to me that it is over".

Then with another message he continues: "I have no need to do any of our cases, at the moment when one is done, they are done too, tell me man". With the next message he continues: “Tell him, they told him if it is done for sure that you are connected with the strong. "Hey, this job is like a deck." With the next message he continues: “No, no, Gazi is doing it himself, they agreed. A little later I continue to write to him: "Hahahaha, ani, ani ban hajgare, you know for sure that if the work is done, you are pretending now".

A last message for that day Esat Belaj wrote to Kemaj Gashi: "O man, say that no one was done today because the first, the second, the third, and the fourth is ours, even the first ones can be done".

Minimal effort to stop irregularities

Concerns about irregularities were raised from time to time, but without any attempt to stop them.

In a letter dated 13.01.2011 addressed to the Senate and the Board of Directors by the then Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Gani Bajraktari, who had qualified as confidential, the Dean spoke about the enormous admission of students in the first year of studies, and counted irregularities in admission.

He had mentioned exactly the Pharmacy Branch, which was barely accredited. The competition was planned to enroll 100 students.

"The evil continued after the closing of the competition, where 60 other students were admitted with routes unknown to me, and this not according to a certain order and without seeing at all the probationary test of the candidates, but also accepting candidates who did not pass the threshold of 30 percent, even candidates with minus points ", it is said in the confidential letter.

"Even worse is unacceptable in this case - there is the admission of two candidates who have not entered the entrance exam at all."

From the conversations with telephone messages, the answer is given to the former dean Gani Bajraktari about how the students are registered. They show that Esat Belaj, Kemaj Gashi, Arijan Janova, Rajan Zeneli, Leonard Bytyçi and Mevludin Beqiri have acted as an organized group in the capacity of officials. /Insajderi.com


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