The massacres of Ahmet Zogu, from hanging on a rope to grilling a human in Dukagjini


Father Benardin Palaj in the magazine "Hylli i Dritës" Nr. 13. writes that “When the Dukagjini movement broke out, then Ahmet Zogolli took from the Janissaries of Istanbul those rusty weapons with the blood of the Albanians in order to kill his Christian brother from Dukagjini.

In that year, Muharrem Bajraktari of Luma, set up his headquarters - Dibrani, Matjani and Lumjan, hi in the Church of Shala, where as an honor of other violence you live this army of lappers and zealots - the land with heavy rain - killed the brother's salary very close church. The best men of Dukagjini together with many priests were imprisoned, killed, trapped and escaped. Prisons are full of women and children, all loot… ("Star of Light, No. 13" year 194125-253). Another witness of that time, Pal Dukagjini writes that “What happened back and forth in Dukagjini is known only to those who tried it. The house was burned, the heirs were robbed, men were shot, slaves were imprisoned, they were hanged and beaten until they were raped in honor of Erz, which for the Albanian is more than a dozen. After the first successes the insurgents, who lacked weapons and ammunition, did not resist the regular forces of the army and gendarmerie and the numerous gangs of civilian mercenaries who were far superior in number and means of war, so they were forced to retreat to the Stone of Red. Zogist forces undertook a rapid, strict, and effective retaliatory action, in which the terror of the Mati and Luma civilian gangs, which numbered 10,000 - After the first successes of the insurgents, who lacked weapons and ammunition, did not resisted the regular forces of the army and gendarmerie and the numerous gangs of civilian mercenaries who were far superior in number and in means of warfare, and were therefore forced to retreat towards the Red Stone. Zogite forces undertook a rapid, strict and effective reprisal action, where the terror of the civilian gangs of Mat and Luma, which exceeded 10,000 people (Zef Harapi, Kamiljo Libardi), who immediately gathered in the City of Shkodra and led by Fiqiri Dine then continued the reprisals that were unseen and unheard in the mountains of Puka, Shala, Shoshi, Nikaj-Mërtur, Pulti, Shllaku and Temal. Under the leadership of General Fiqiri Dines, the army of Lieutenant Colonel Xhemal Arianiti began the offensive counterattack against Dukagjini according to these directions 1- On November 27, 1926, the forces of Captain Preng Previzi headed towards Koplik to Theth. 2- On November 28, Dukagjini fled en masse from Qafa e Pejës - Dhenve Path to Montenegro. In this neck, 300 mercenaries were captured by the mercenary forces of Kelmendi, including Avdi Kola (Bajraktari of Gimaj), along with all the nephews of the Bajraktar of Shala. 3- On November 29, 1926 Captain Muharrëm Bajraktari, raided Qafë e Agrit from Nikajt and Merturi entered Abat i Shala, during the operation Prelë Ndoka, Gjelosh Ndoka were killed (the two sons of Ndokë Mirash of Pepaj, Pep Nika -Pepaj- Shosh and Staka Ndoci Dardhë-Shosh 4- Also on November 29, from Guri Kuq and Mali i Shoshit Hasan Beg Bushati with a part of his forces, entered Shosh and with the rest entered Pult i Dukagjini was surrounded on all sides while the insurgents They had fled to impenetrable places. The Commander of the Shkodra Operation, Lieutenant Colonel Xhemal Arianiti in Shkodra, on 11 December 1926 announced that “in addition to the 14 persons previously notified by this command, 53 committees from Shale, Shoshi and Nikaj-Merturi, as well as 110 other people from Thethi, who took part in the uprising. In addition to the above-mentioned, 129 women and children from Shale, Shoshi and Nikaj-Merturi also came under scrutiny "(Zef Harapi" Dukagjini, history and ethnography ”. Study of 1949, p. 219) Dozens and dozens of houses were burned, whole villages were looted, cattle were slaughtered, everything that could not be taken away was looted. and 23 haughty cows and oxen. ”(Zef Harapi ibid. Mercenaries, wherever they fell, destroyed the cattle herds, forcing the elderly who were left without escape, and the old women to roast them on the spit, to take the meat of the cattle, with milk even in the slaughterhouses of slaughtered cattle because it tasted so much better.They opened the jars of butter and baked pancakes which were accompanied by honey, while the bees put the flame of gunpowder in the door of the hive. they gave to feed their horses.Their inhuman immorality reached the point that in Shala they take an old man and tie him to the fire and start rolling him by the fire as if he were a hell .. (the roast that roasts the lambs).


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