The village of Reka e Allagës is blocked


As soon as the preparation for the asphalting of the Drelaj-Reka e Allaga road in Rugova has started, some people have blocked this road.

The news about the voice was given by some residents of this area.

"Unconscious people are blocking the way. It is up to the police of the Republic of Kosovo to take immediate measures to unblock the road and continue the work. Kosovo Police has been informed about this roadblock but there are still no measures taken to unblock the road. We hope that the Mayor of Peja and municipal officials are not subjected to this pressure of unscrupulous persons. We expect an immediate response from the police and the municipality. With respect ", it is said in a reaction of the inhabitants of the village of Reka e Allaga in Rugova, sent to the editorial office of Zeri.


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