Flurim Shabi confesses: Here is what happened in the case of the murder of Fidan Shabi


Fidan Shabi

Flurim Shabi, a member of the Shabi family, says he has filed a complaint with the Supreme Court in Pristina for the case of the late Fidan Shabi to be returned for retrial.

Read Flurim Shabi's full statement:

I FLURIM SHABI, a member of the Shabi family, have filed a complaint with the Supreme Court in Prishtina that the case of Fidan Shabi be returned for retrial because it is much more complicated than it seems for the District Court in Peja, we still do not know the motive of the murder of my brother.

In this case there have been many violations which include corruption, concealment of evidence, failure to question many people involved in this crime where one of them is the ex-husband of Besarta Kastrati Xhevdet Kelmendi for whom there is sufficient evidence that prove that he is one of the main perpetrators of crime. There are other names such as the EULEX prosecutor, some investigators of serious crimes in Peja and many friends of Xhevdet, but we will not mention their names for reasons of not hindering the investigation.

I am working with the investigator of a European country together with two prosecutors to solve the case of my brother, where this murder is a chain of murders. As it is known in the case of Fidan, Besarta Kastrati-Harxhi were sentenced to 29 years and Arian Lluka to 8 years, but even in these two convictions an excessive violation was committed, I do not deny that Besarta Kastrati is not involved in the case but the sentence she received deserve others who are at large.

Arian Lluka is also involved in the case he is forgiving the corruptions committed by his uncle Ekrem Lluka and many other businessmen, he now enjoys freedom. One of the corrupt members of the Kelmendi family is a EULEX prosecutor who kept me in prison for 8 months and charged me with alleged involvement in the 12 murders of the Kelmendi family, but my innocence was confirmed a month after my brother was massacred. my.

Here it can be seen that their intention was for Fidani to be kidnapped while I was in detention and to be interrogated by using violence against him, as evidenced by the photos of the expertise, it is also a video shot by the mafia harassing him Fidanin, questioning me and my friends whether we are implicated in the murders of the Kelmendi family, this video is in the hands of some police officers.

The same prosecutor also participated in the trial sessions of the case of Fidan Shabi, playing the role of supervisor of this land, and during the giving of statements by witnesses of the case who, when they mentioned the Kelmendi family as a participant in the crime, this prosecutor always intervened not to blame the Kelmendi family. After the end of the trial of this case, this prosecutor retires and fled abroad, spending the money he received for many crimes that took place in Peja, this is confirmed by Xhevdet Kelmendi himself, who was in Germany a few months ago eating lunch with the prosecutor in question.

Also, the evidence that our family has shows that an investigator for serious crimes in Prishtina, his name is Artan Isufaj with the nickname Hoxha, who is involved in the case of Fidan and many crimes and businesses of Xhevdet Kelmendi, where this is evidenced by telephone entries (calls) from 2009 until now and their lunches at the Artani kebab shop in Peja at the Craft Center.

There are also some investigators of serious crimes in Peja, Ismet Feta who is involved in hiding the evidence of this case and many other cases has been rewarded with a sum of 20 thousand euros and an apartment, Alberim Muja who has bought three hectares of land in Radavc of Peja which is in the name of his cousin, an investigator his name is Enis who got a Porsche car allegedly won it in a prize game.

The retrial in the case of Fidani Shabi will be held on Wednesday, October 26.


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