The electorate of PDK and LDK is not for Zajednica and Demarcation


Mustaf Lajqi

Due to the general dissatisfaction about political and national events, especially in the two ugly phenomena such as Demarcation and Zajednica, they turned us into a boomerang in the state-building process that we are doing. In this context is the dissatisfaction of a large part of the Branch structure. of PDK in Peja starting from the Presidency, the Steering Council and some sub-branches of PDK.

We have not been consulted at all on these two major issues, so you are rightly opposing themWe are and will always be against them. This attitude of ours is a great concern in the PDK Branch in Peja and I think that this situation is in all branches of PDK.
The issue of demarcation and the concession that the state commission has made in favor of Montenegro is an attack on the general being of the citizens of Peja, and undoubtedly, especially on the inhabitants of the border area, and this thus affects our Kosovo by attacking blood shed generation after generation in defense of Albanian lands.
In the path of state-building, the real statesmen do not look for personal privileges and wealth, but sacrifice everything to make the state. Hasan Prishtina gave everything to make the state, and you, the government, are selling it to get rich. je nisur!
Zajednica of Serbian municipalities attacks the Constitution of the country, divides the territory of Kosovo, defunks the state, gives exclusive rights to the Serbian ethnicity in opposition to all pro-Western democracies. In this context, all progressive forces must have done something for this country. to raise their voice, to oppose it by any means and to put to the test the fragile policy-making of this government, which the sooner it goes the faster it will save us all and believe in itself.

Writes: Mustafa Haxhi Lajqi


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