The traitors of the Kumanovo Group are revealed, here are the names


Journalist Zoran Bozinovski, who on his portal "Bure vesnik" publishes secret information and wiretapped conversations, this time also published information on who betrayed the Kumanovo group, in the "Neighborhood of the Brave", reports Almakos.

Bozinovski says he obtained the information from several police officers, and that among those who betrayed the Kumanovo group were all from the DUI branch in Cair. Some of them have been promoted to positions due to their contribution by betraying the Kumanovo Group.

Arif Asani: Camouflaged as a Patriot!

"Arif Asani, current deputy director in the Ministry of Interior, a position in which he was appointed by Minister Mitko Cavkov, precisely for the merits in providing information on the movement of the group from Kosovo and an informant infiltrated within the group.

However, the informant played a dual role, manipulating the information and giving false traces to the services. He is directly responsible for the police officers killed and injured.

Ten days ago, an explosive device was placed in his house and this information was hidden from the public and the media was pressured not to publish it.

Marice Markova (known in the Ministry of Interior for holding a photo of Sahso Miajllokov on the wall of her office, chief inspector in the border surveillance sector. She is not interested at all in the security of the state and citizens, but only their criminality and the racketeering large personal gains.

Ejup Halimi: Closely related to the groups that fought in the Kumanovo area in 2001

Also responsible is Memet Halimi, an inspector in Sever, who has abused the positions held in government by his brother Ejup Halimi, employed in the secretariat for the implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.

Ejup Halimi is very well known and has cooperated with the leaders of the group in the Quarter of the Brave and has given you dosed and balanced information to achieve mutual effect, to bring them to Macedonia to carry out the attack, but also to know that when the attack will take place, how many they will be and where they will move and then be killed or arrested.

Ejup Halimi has good relations with Dukagjini Area Groups that fought in the Operational Zone in Kumanovo and the vicinity of Skopje in 2001. Halimi exploited these links in 2001, to persuade the Group to enter Macedonia, ie Kumanovo.

This information was wanted by the DUI in the interests of manipulating it in the public, in order to divert attention from Zaev's destructive bombs.

The information from Ejup Halimi was needed by the DUI Group, in order to neutralize the group, which was dangerous and harmful for the DUI interests in Cair due to the bad relations with Beqir Hasani. Inspector Memet Halimi and his brother Ejup Halimi are cousins of Beqir Asani and have received instructions from him on how to behave in this case.

Bekir Asani and Mirsad Ndreca

Bekir Asani is known in Skopje as a great beneficiary of the War and extremely corrupt, a very close man of the Chair Clan led by DUI's Musa Xheferi.

Above all, it is Minister Chavkov, who has allowed them to manipulate the Ministry of Interior, and in the end has paid them fat bonuses from the state budget.

The role of Nazif Bush in the Ministry of Interior should also be clarified, in order to find out whether he is an informant of Minister Çavkov or a simple criminal who helps crime in the private business, using the resources of the Ministry of Interior.

All of them worked and acted for the Armed Group to enter Kumanovo and then be arrested but the plan failed to arrest them and finally 8 policemen were killed and 40 were injured and 10 Albanians of the group were killed and 40 were arrested where today their trial is being held behind closed doors and away from the public not to understand what really happened in that 24 Hour War.


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