It's pointless to celebrate the Birthdays of Friends Fallen in War


Xhevat Zekaj, in profile picture with his friend, accomplice and comrade-in-arms, the Hero of the Nation, General Fehmi Lladrovci!

Xhevat Zekaj for his birthday, wrote a status of His on fb!

The great patriot and prominent activist of the national cause, freedom fighter and KLA commander Xhevat Zekaj, among other things, wrote that “kam I had friends who fell in the war and it seems somewhat pointless for me to I celebrate birthdays and they no longer live jetojnë ”!

You see how far the respect from friends goes, for friends who are no longer alive!

Such is Xhevat Zekaj!
Ready to give up his rights and personal desires, family and human, to honor friends, accomplices and comrades who no longer live.

To honor those who have performed their duties to the Homeland of the Nation, who have fallen on the front of the titanic and heroic war, against the centuries-old enemies of the Albanian people!

This attitude and this approach is not possible to be manifested to anyone and from whoever wants, because this is the attitude of the greats of the Nation, of those who love the Homeland of the Nation, of those who love the Homeland of the Nation love and honor great leaders like Skanderbeg and Enver Hoxha!

But only to those friends and to that great generation which had a historical role, as they had on their shoulders and had great responsibilities for the awakening, for the preparation and for the beginning and development of the heroic, historical and final war of the Albanian people for the liberation of Kosovo and its territories from invading Serbia!

The national fighter Xhevat Zekaj, belongs to the constellation of iron patriots, of those who had the way for the liberation of the Homeland from the invading Serbia with maximum seriousness and superhuman concentration, had the A&Z of their lives!

Xhevat Zekaj belongs to that group of patriots and great and glorious sons of the Albanian Nation, who saw the liberation of the country from the captivity of Serbian invaders, traitors, with ardent patriotic love and optimism of the Skanderbegian spirit, which they had their minds divided once and for all, O free and independent Homeland, O war never to cease for His final liberation from invaders and traitors!

Having left the great school of freedom, war and liberation, the great patriot Xhevat Zekaj sets out on the path of the liberator of the Homeland with great determination and full consciousness, the fight for the liberation of the Homeland from invaders, at every step and everywhere, with everything and with everything that the pure popular liberation war allows!

And with friends and heroic and steely accomplices like the Hero of the Nation General Fehmi Lladrovci and the Leader of the Albanian people Ali Ahmeti but also many other great and glorious names Heroes, Martyrs and living, Xhevati comes as titanic and triumphant!

And after the liberation of the Homeland from the invading Serbia and after the end of the liberation wars in Eastern Kosovo and Northern Macedonia, the fearless soldier and commander return to a simple life and with honor and dignity of the Albanian loyal to the interests of the Homeland and ardent and uncompromising defender of honoring the sublime patriotic and human values!

Many years of imprisonment, a lot of torture and a lot of violence, a lot of suffering and a lot of abuse has been experienced on his body by the patriot Xhevat Zekaj, but he has also seen many such bad things happening to his friends and associates, even drowned in torture, killed and wounded on the front of the liberation war, therefore it is very common in this extraordinary attitude of His, for His attitude for the birthday!

The great leader Xhevat Zekaj, does not want to celebrate his birthday, not because he does not deserve it, because with his life he has done so much that the state and the Nation should line up the guard of honor in honor of his great contribution to the fight for freedom and independence, but does not want why he feels extreme patriotic and national pain and respect for His friends and associates, and is cut, does not want celebration because he feels their absence, there is an irreparable gap!

All those who have loved the good of the Homeland, and who love it today and in any form in the future, in the life and work of the great patriot of the torn son of our people Xhevat Zekaj, will have the sure compass that lead precisely to the great path of love and loyalty to the people, the Homeland and the Nation!

Regardless of His attitude, we, his comrades and associates, comrades-in-arms and friends, will wish and celebrate the birthday of Xhevat Zekaj and will honor His comrades who were killed and no longer live, because the honor for the Heroes and Martyrs will never cease, that they are the honor and pride of the Nation!

Xhevat Zekaj is their friend, collaborator and comrade-in-arms!

Prishtina, 22 April 2020!

Writes: Ismet Sylejmani


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