LVV: Kurti will be the holder of the list, very soon we will announce his candidacy for prime minister


Vetëvendosje Movement is in the process of finalizing the list of candidates for MPs.

This is what the spokesperson of LVV, Përparim Kryeziu, said.

Kryeziu has indicated that they are in the process of voting for candidacies within the LVV bodies, after the announcement of internal elections for candidates for deputies.

"At the beginning of the week, we announced the internal elections for candidates for deputies. We are now in the process of voting for candidacies within our bodies, namely the Councils of the Centers. "According to the Statute of the Vetëvendosje Movement, the people elected by the Councils of the Centers will constitute ½ of the final list of candidates for deputies of the Vetëvendosje Movement", said Kryeziu.

He added that the rest of the list will be completed by the Presidency and the chairman of the Movement.

"Very soon, however, before the deadline set by the CEC, the full list of candidates for MPs will be made public," said Kryeziu.

Asked whether the chairman of LVV, Albin Kurti, will be the holder of the list, Kryeziu said that he does not deny anything to Kurti to run.

"We are within our absolute right to include in the list of our candidates for deputies the chairman Kurti and our member of the Presidency, Mrs. Haxhiu. Despite the deliberate fog in the public debate on the consequences of the judgment of the Constitutional Court, it in fact does not constitute any denial of the right to be elected, namely to run on the electoral list of Mr. Kurti and Mrs. Haxhiu, for several reasons. First, because their cases were not subject to review by the Constitutional Court. Secondly, because they were not sentenced to prison so that the parallel with the case of Etem Arifi could be drawn, but they were sentenced to probation, ie an alternative sentence, for which the Criminal Code did not provide legal consequences ", said Kryeziu.

The LVV spokesman further added that the standard of Legal Consequences is an inviolable legal principle, and it cannot be annulled by any other decision, including a potential decision of the Constitutional Court.

"Therefore, the General Council is expected to convene in the coming days and so first the candidacy of President Kurti for the Candidate for Prime Minister and then the holder of the List of the Vetëvendosje Movement will be announced," Kryeziu told Telegraf.

Recall that on Saturday, January 16 at 18:00 the deadline for political parties to apply for certification for early parliamentary elections ends.


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