Deshmori Fitim Jakupi

Deshmori Fitim Jakupi

Deshmorit Fitim Jakupi, fell Deshmor on 07.04.1999

Every corner of Kosovo is filled with graves of Martyrs.
This land was watered with blood in every period of the glorious Wars, for Liberation and National Unity.
One of the Martyrs who joined the ranks of the "Kosovo Liberation Army" very early is Fitim Jakupi, from the village of Cerrovik in Klina, who fell a Martyr on 07.04.1999.
Profit is remarkable for bravery and unparalleled courage to sacrifice.
Glory to the life and work of the Martyr Fitim Jakupi and all the Martyrs of the Nation.

By, Vllaznim Jakupi


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