Pharmacies illegally sell "Sex Points"


Spanish sex dropsThey cost from 20 to 25 euros for a package, which has a total of 20 milliliters of points. They are the so-called "Spanish Sex Drops D8" that are sold illegally in almost every pharmacy in the capital without being hindered by anyone, although they are mainly used for sexually abusive purposes.

Officials of the Kosovo Agency for Medicinal Products (KMA) have no knowledge or have ever encountered in the market such items, which are mainly used to arouse lust in women, who then under the influence of these products are easily abused by them. that have them as a target.

The newspaper "Zeri" through a pharmacist in Pristina has managed to confirm that these items are sold and bought illegally by different ages and are used mainly in secret.

If consumed through (non) alcoholic beverages, they arouse lust in women, leading them to sexual intercourse without being aware that the act occurs under the influence of stimulants.

Sexual abuse with full awareness!

The pharmacist, whose identity is known to the editorial staff, says that to achieve the effect "Spanish drops" should be used in a dose of 25 drops and the arousal of lust is done mainly one hour after their use.

"As far as I know, the amount of 1 milliliter has a total of 20 points, while the packaging of" Spanish "points has a total of 20 milliliters or 400 points", says the pharmacist, according to whom these points are also known as "Spanish pilots".

He says that his customers who buy these "fliers" are of different ages. But it is mainly young people who dominate the shopping. "How they use them and for what purposes is their business," he says.

But, this pharmacist shows that not always those who buy the drops manage to have in bed the woman they have "put their eye" on. "It is possible that she is going somewhere else, to a man she will like more," he says.

This pharmacist points out that "flying" drops have neither taste nor aroma. However, they react exclusively to women.

"They can be thrown into water, juice…", he says, while showing that their effect is significantly increased if consumed with alcohol, as cell pores are opened and this also affects the increase of the effect.

The pharmacist says there are a very small number of women who use those drops consciously.

"I have only two clients, who buy them in order to increase sexual pleasure during intercourse," says the pharmacist, according to whom, the other clients are mostly male.

"Spanish pilots", taboo for the state

On the other hand, the institutions have not managed to prove any case of sexual abuse that has occurred as a result of using these points. For them, the use of "Spanish fliers" to bait women continues to be a taboo.

In the Kosovo Police, they say that cases of this nature are identified as cases of sexual harassment. "They are investigated by investigators at the level of regional investigations, by investigators who deal with the investigation of acts against bodily integrity," said in a response to the Kosovo Police Information Office.

According to the answers given by the police, it does not define whether the act of bodily integrity and sexual harassment is committed under the effect of these "flying" points or under the influence of occasional lusts.

"Cases of sexual harassment are mainly committed with known perpetrators, therefore in all cases there were suspects and arrested," said the response of the Police.

In the first five months of this year, according to the Police Information Office, 27 cases of sexual harassment were reported throughout Kosovo.

"Regarding the issue of selling such products in pharmacies, as you have pointed out, the Kosovo Police is not responsible, but it is the relevant institutions that deal with controlling the sale of medicinal products," said the official response of the Police.

Meanwhile, the Kosovo Agency for Medicinal Products (KMA), as an institution that deals with the control of the circulation of pharmaceutical products, confirms that no one in this institution has ever applied to register such points for circulation and that it is a prerequisite to issue them. those in the market.

"We confirm that the KMA has never applied for registration of these points, the so-called" Spanish points ", as these points are not classified as medicines", says Pranvera Behrami-Breznica, KMA spokeswoman.

However, there are registered types of viagra registered in the KMA, which have the same effect - sexual stimulation in men.

Misuse of "Spanish pilots" is a criminal offense

According to KMA spokeswoman Pranvera Behrami-Breznica, the Pharmaceutical Inspectorate has never been notified of the holding of these points in pharmacies, much less their circulation in the market.

"This means that even the Department of Pharmacovigilance has not received such cases to analyze the side effects of their use," said spokeswoman Pranvera Behrami-Breznica.

Fisnik Korenica from the Group for Legal and Political Studies talks about the legal implications of a person who unknowingly throws any substance at someone for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

According to him, in this case he who commits this crime, commits several criminal offenses. "Through this is done the degradation of sexual integrity, sexual abuse of persons without mental or emotional abilities", says Korenica, according to whom, these are punishable criminal offenses.

But, at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Prishtina, the director, Arsim Gërxhaliu, who as a forensic doctor who also deals with cases of sexual violence, said that they have not managed to prove any case of sexual violence or violation of sexual integrity of the person under the influence of these points.

"Usually they come to us late when the elimination phase is gone," said Gërxhaliu, according to whom their use is evident.

"You have them in the market," he said. On the other hand, Burim Krasniqi, gynecologist says that he can not talk about the side effects of these points in women. According to him, these topics are taboo for patients who do not even want to talk to the doctor about such things.

"Neither the man wants to show if he threw these points at the woman to seduce her, nor do the women know if he took them." However, even Dr. Krasniqi says that there is information that these items are sold in bulk.

by: Alban Selimi

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