Suspicions of fraud and corruption to direct the route of the highway Kiev - Peja


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The Prishtina-Peja highway, which has not been completed for years and has exceeded all deadlines, has now sparked a debate between residents and business groups in the villages of Rixheva, Gllareva and Qabiq. Residents of these villages have raised suspicions that business groups are offering bribes of millions to change the route of the highway, which was designed to run between the villages of Ricevo, Gllareva and Qabic.

According to them, interest groups have joined and now in cooperation with officials of the Ministry of Infrastructure, are trying to change the plan and continue the expansion of the road on the existing highway, although this has many times higher costs for the state budget, writes infokusi. com.

Some of the residents of these villages have indicated that a survey has now been initiated, ostensibly to get the opinions of the citizens that it would be better to go the route of the highway and this is being done at night and in some form, with pressure to 'convinced the residents that they are for the highway to be widened to the existing road. This is due to the fact that they have many financial interests, in the cost of expropriation and also in increasing the value of businesses.

Officials from the Ministry of Infrastructure have confirmed that they have opened the possibility of considering the two options and have also indicated that the survey was funded by the EBRD, but according to them this is being done since 2010 when the expansion plan was drafted. many changes have been made this way.

Saranda Jusufi, Head of the Division for Public Communication in the Ministry of Infrastructure said for the portal "infokusi" that the ministry is implementing the project of Expansion of the National Road N9 - Segment: Kiev - Peja.

According to her, from Zahaqi to the entrance of Peja, the Ministry has contracted 6.7 km for the expansion of the National Road N9. “In this Segment, the old route is followed and the road is widened, mainly on both sides of the existing road. The works will start in this year ", said Jusufi for" infokus ".

Whereas, from Klina to Peja, as she has shown, the Ministry of Infrastructure drafted the project in 2010.

"Since 2010, the situation on the existing road has changed significantly and residential and business buildings have been built along the existing road. In cooperation with IFBIF (Western Balkan Investment Framework) and the EBRD, the Completion of the Feasibility and Environmental Impact Study for the Kijeve - Zahaq segment (30 Km) has begun, as well as the completion of the implementation project. The Consulting Company, evaluating the technical and environmental criteria, has submitted the variants for the route from Kijeve - Zahaq, which must be approved and then the part of the Feasibility Study must be completed ", said the Head of the Communication Division, Saranda Jusufi.

According to her, the EBRD has engaged independent consultants, who are working on the study of road feasibility and social and environmental impact. As part of the Consultants' activities is a survey conducted with residents, business representatives and local level representatives regarding the options of the future route of the road.

“The Ministry of Infrastructure is aware of the activities of consultants engaged by the EBRD. Consultants regularly inform the Ministry of Infrastructure of their activities. The results of the Feasibility Study so far give two variants of the route which meet the technical and environmental criteria of the EBRD. During this year, the final route of the N9 National Road, from Kiev to Zahaq, must be approved. "After the completion of these studies, it is planned to continue with the implementation of the project", said Saranda Jusufi. /

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