Scandalous: Kosovar travels by plane infected with Covid19, his condition worsens during the flight


Although there are strict rules when flying by plane, doing various tests that prove that you are not affected by Covid, this time the migrants living in Germany have not undergone any tests or procedures inside the airport of Prishtina, "Adem Jashari", reports IndeksOnline.

A citizen from Kosovo in his 60s, although with two positive tests with Covid, had learned to board the plane at 15:30 that sent him to Berlin.

He was in a serious condition all the time. With coughing and difficulty breathing he made his way all the way from Kosovo to Berlin.

But while it was seen that he was not in good condition, a Kosovar doctor, fortunately for him, managed to give him oxygen from the machine he had with him.

Concerned about this situation were all the passengers of this airline.

The situation became more and more dramatic, when the passenger at one point lost consciousness.

It was this critical moment that made his wife show that he had been positive with Covid

He now risks being fined 25,000 euros in the German state.

IndeksOnline brings you images:


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