Balusha sheep of Dukagjini, a unique breed


Balusha sheep are a unique and indigenous breed that are found in the part of Dukagjini, mainly in the Municipality of Istog. Unfortunately this highly profitable breed is on the verge of extinction.

The quality of the wool and the quantity of milk make this breed very valuable. Characteristic of this breed is its color. The black-covered head up to the neck and her white body give it a special charm. The length of the wool 20 to 25 centimeters make this unique sheep in the world even more valuable.

In the 60's and 70's this sheep filled the Nëmura Mountains from Mokna to Ruseli. They were the Berdynaj family from Radaci where they had this pure breed of balusha. The Mavraj family from Staraderan, the Alihajdars from Istog, Gjoci from Tomoc. Also known as a crazy fan was Arif Rexhë Arifaj from Muzhevina of Istog. With the end of the war in Kosovo, the herds of these sheep were greatly reduced. It was the Metaj Family who until recently devoted themselves to this breed of sheep. Sali Bajrushi from Kamenica in Istug held it fanatically until late.

Support from Institutions

Istog and all of Kosovo should be proud of this unique race. This sheep is endangered. But a support from the institutions would increase the number of this sheep.

Now these sheep are left in small numbers. Farmer Ramadan Zeqiraj from the village of Sudenic, as well as Sadri Halilovic from Gurrakoc have a great passion. These farmers say that the support from the ministry should be greater. This sheep as a separate breed has been the heritage since ancient times. Therefore, as Kosovo, we can be proud of this race. So far the institutions have not shown a special interest.

Ramadan Zeqiraj says “Opportunities for young people to be interested in livestock, as if we had as much support as possible for the processing of wool and milk. "Where our institutions would have a greater impact on increasing the employment of these young people."

For this reason, we invite the Institutions to reach out to genuine farmers and protect our many years of heritage.Gazeta Bujku

Përgatiti: Shefki Shatri


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