Trump is horrified by Bolton's book

Trump is horrified by Bolton's book

The Trump administration just hit John Bolton with a lawsuit in an attempt to stop the publication of his book.

The lawsuit seeks to block Bolton's publication of "The Room Where It Happened" next Tuesday, June 23, as scheduled, arguing that Bolton "endangers national security," writes ViceNews.

Now Trump is in a legal frenzy against the man he appointed to help him make his most important national security decisions - as he tries to keep Bolton silent about what he has seen and heard in his office. .WERBUNG

President Trump will probably not be able to stop Bolton, thanks to the Constitution's strong defense of free speech. But he still seems determined to try, reports "Zeri".

The 27-page complaint accuses Bolton of violating the contract he signed when he became Trump's National Security Adviser in 2018 and gained access to much classified information.

The trial began a day after Trump threatened Bolton with "criminal problems" if he continued with the book. Trump insists that "every conversation" he has had as president is classified, so Bolton would be divulging the state's protected secrets.

Trump said: "If the book is published, it will break the law" and "I hope he will have criminal problems. "I hope there is."

The book portrays Trump's White House as obsessed just to ensure Trump's re-election above all other priorities and involvement in a variety of inappropriate international decisions with foreign countries, as described by the publisher.

Trump was accused by the House of Representatives in December of pressuring Ukraine to investigate its 2020 Democratic rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. Bolton's book describes Trump's behavior with Ukraine only as the tip of the iceberg.

So far Bolton has not been shaken by Trump's threats.

On Tuesday, he posted on Twitter a link from the ACLU justice group, saying that even former President Richard Nixon was unable to stop the media from publishing Pentagon documents describing US military policy in Vietnam back in the years. 1970, broadcast by "Zeri".

Bolton boasted of his knowledge of the situation in Ukraine at the time when Trump was also accused, thus being seen as the main potential witness. But he never testified. Bolton rejected the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. While he later offered to speak to the Republican-controlled Senate, he was never summoned by Trump's Republican allies in the House of Representatives.

Trump's complaint cites media reports that Bolton was paid $ 2 million for the book.

Trump asked China for help in being re-elected

Donald Trump asked Chinese President Xi Jinping for help in being re-elected president in 2020, writes in his new book John Bolton, former National Security Adviser in the "Trump" administration, according to some passages of the book published on Wednesday.

During a meeting with Mr. Xi in June last year, the president "shockingly changed the conversation, focusing on the US presidential election, alluding to the possibility of China's economic capacity influencing the campaign, and asking Mr. Xi to guarantee the victory of ", writes the former close adviser to the president in his new book, which promises to be a bombastic publication, according to the people who have read it, VOA reports.

In passages published by The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, Bolton writes that President Trump stressed the importance of American farmers and how the increase in soybeans would affect the outcome of the US election. and American wheat, ”which China would buy.


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